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NEW – Second Amended And Restated Declaration Of Restrictions And Protective Covenants

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We have updated our Restrictions and Protective Covenants! Our Second Amended And Restated Restrictions And Protective Covenants, were filed on March 10, 2017. Although our previous Restrictions and Protective Covenants were very good, we felt a need to tighten things up as we are selling more lots in the neighborhood.

The major changes are:
1,800 SF minimum home size, as well as a minimum two car garage.

We required that exterior wall construction be a minimum of 60% brick and stone.

If you purchase a lot from us, you must start construction within 36 months, and complete construction within 9 months of starting.

We provided additional clarity to the types of approved and not approved fencing.

We further defined the type and size of approved out buildings.

We added language to support a subdivision monument sign, at the corner of Carefree Lane and 1070 Road.

You can view a complete copy on our website, or by clicking on this link:

We’re underway!

Categories: American Country Estates, Homeownership, New Construction, News | Posted: August 11, 2016

08082016 Foundation


Release two has officially kicked-off this week with the pouring of our slabs on Monday. We are so excited to build these new floor plans. Our two new homes feature great interior details, and a fully finished bonus room above the garages. They are also going to be move in ready with allowances for blinds, front yard landscaping, and rear yard fencing. You really need to check out our standard features and compare our homes before you buy anywhere else. We are also including a full 10-year limited structural warranty from Residential Warranty Company.

Framing will begin this week and we can’t wait to get everyone who has shown interest out to the jobsite for a visit. Color selections start next week, and the exteriors will be the exterior color themes that you have selected on Facebook. The Satchwell will be based on a “grey” palate, and the Landry will feature brown/earth-tones. We will soon be posting our exterior stone selections as well as our interior flooring and granite. Jake is doing a great job, and we have our sights set on a four month completion. If we get some cooperation from the weather, we should have you ready to move in your new home for the holidays.

Please feel free to stop out anytime and visit our jobsite. We love all your feedback, so keep the ideas, and suggestions coming!

Best Regards, Donny

Rural Water, New Models, And Starting Release 2!

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Lots of exciting news from American Country Estates. Its official, we now have rural water to the subdivision! We are soo excited to add this to our list of utilities.

Things have really been heating up, and not just the weather. We closed this month on our last remaining home in Release 1. So, Release 1 sold out in just 90 days after our first sale. We welcomed our third family to our growing community of homeowners. All are enjoying the subdivision with its beautiful setting off 1070 Road.

We started construction this week on two new homes, and both are new model for us. The Landry and the Satchwell plans. These are slightly larger homes featuring amazing amenities and bonus rooms above the garages. We cant wait for you to check out all the details on our website.

New Model Landry

New Model Landry

We have added great new features with these plans. These homes include a blinds allowance and rear yard fence. Our goal is to complete these homes with everything you will need to just move in! I’ll keep you posted on our progress. If you are interested in either floor plan, don’t wait too long. Interest has been high, and I’m sure they will sell before completion. One added bonus if you buy now, is that you can choose the colors, and finishes to make this truly your own custom designed home.

We say goodbye to a good friend Helmut Ogris, who is staying in Las Vegas to pursue other opportunities. We really want to thank Helmut for his contributions to our awesome community. We are really excited to welcome Jake Clanin to our Team. Jake will be the Project Manager for both the Landry and the Satchwell. Jake brings a strong local presence and a great reputation. We are really excited to work with Jake going forward.

So, much for a quick update…All the updates are on our website, including the floor plans, elevations, and standard features. So be sure to check it out. I hope you are having an amazing summer!


Top Ten Reasons to Own a New Home in the New Year!

Categories: Homeownership | Posted: December 23, 2015

Are you considering the pros and cons of a new home versus a used home? The pros pretty much outweigh the cons, and here’s a list of ten reasons why!

Happy young family Moving Home With Boxes Around

  1. You can make a truly fresh start in a brand new home! No one else has ever lived there… it’s all yours!
  1. Everything is all new, and under warranty! Your new home, and the products that comprise it, are brand-new and under warranty.
  1. New homes are designed to be low maintenance, yet high style. They’re made of cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance.
  1. Nothing beats that “New Home” feeling. You could replace all of the windows in a resale home. And add insulation, and replace outdated systems. But why bother? Buy a brand new, all-you home!
  1. You can have it your way. One of the benefits of buying a brand new home is customization. Pick your cabinets, flooring, carpets, light fixtures, etc. to fit your lifestyle.
  1. New homes have a longer life expectancy than existing homes, giving them a longer period of time to appreciate in value.
  1. Many new homes offer energy-efficient windows and appliances, energy-conserving, long-lasting LED lighting and more… all features that decrease the your costs and carbon footprint.
  1. Safety is a concern for any homeowner, whether buying new or old. But, when you buy a new home, you save yourself some worry since everything is brand new and environmentally friendly.
  1. Today’s new homes are designed to fit the way you live, with convenient features like walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, finished basements… and plenty of room to grow. With resale homes, you may find that space is limited.
  1. Buying a brand new home means that it’s yours from day one. It’s your home, and it reflects your family, your style and your taste.

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A New Home Means New Holiday Traditions!

Categories: Homeownership | Posted: December 4, 2015


Every family has its traditions for the holidays – touch football games on Thanksgiving, taking the annual photo of “the kids”, traditional Polish/Italian Christmas Eve dinners, eating Chinese food and going to the movies on Christmas Day.

We took a completely unofficial poll, and came up with even more family traditions. Try adding one or two of these to your family’s celebrations to make spending the holidays in your new home that much sweeter, cozier and more memorable!




  1. Sitting by the fire, sipping hot cocoa and telling stories from years past
  2. Baking cookies / cupcakes / gingerbread men from secret family recipe book
  3. Playing a holiday round of golf
  4. Lighting the menorah together
  5. A new tree ornament or decoration every year
  6. Reading a favorite Christmas story together
  7. Listening to Christmas music from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas
  8. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  9. Picking pollyannas for Christmas / Hanukkah
  10. Opening one present on Christmas Eve
  11. Video chatting with relatives who are far away for the holidays
  12. Staying in your PJs all day on Christmas
  13. Going to Midnight mass / services on Christmas Eve
  14. Letting the youngest (or oldest) member of the family open presents first
  15. Caroling at the local nursing home
  16. Lying under the Christmas tree when the lights are on
  17. Bringing treats or gifts to those who have to work the holidays (nurses, firefighters)
  18. Watching favorite holiday movies snuggled together on the couch
  19. Lighting luminaria
  20. Hiding one present for each child


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2015 Fall Savings Event

Categories: Homeownership | Posted: September 28, 2015


Don’t miss our FALL Savings Event going on now!  

•            New lower prices on all available homes!

•            We pay your standard closing costs!

•            We have included Frontpoint Security Systems w/3-Years of prepaid alarm monitoring. Rated best alarm system for the third year in a row!

•            Garage storm shelter

•            Front yard landscaping and automatic sprinkler system

•            Coming Soon – Lot sales from $25,900!!! 

These deals won’t last long!

Homes by DHR is a new home builder in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, OK. Contact or call 405-888-5430 for more information.

7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Declare Your Independence… And Buy A Home!

Categories: Homeownership | Posted: June 30, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.51.04 PM

Everyone wonders if they’re ready to take the plunge. No, not marriage… Homeownership! There are dozens of reasons to own your own home rather than rent, and most of them come down to freedom. Freedom from a landlord. Freedom from décor you didn’t choose. Freedom from rent that earns you nothing.

Why choose the “independence” of homeownership?

  1. No more random rules about pets, guests, or noise from a cranky landlord. Your house… your rules!
  1. No more arbitrary rent hikes or eviction notices from that same cranky landlord. A fixed rate mortgage is FIXED! And your home is YOURS!
  1. When you own your home, you can have the kitchen you want. You can move walls, buy brand new appliances, or paint everything whatever colors you want. These types of changes are not possible for renters.
  1. One-story or two? Three bedrooms or four? Basement or front porch? Many builders have lots of inventory to choose from, so you’re sure to find what you want. And these new models are energy efficient, and more affordable to own. That means great choices, as well as great prices.
  1. You’ll save on taxes. You can deduct the mortgage interest rate from your income taxes and get a tax break on capital gains when you sell.
  1. Rent is a down payment on nothing – except lining your landlord’s pockets. Owning your own home is a great investment in yourself. One that gives you a tremendous sense of freedom.
  1. Assuming your home is priced right, the economy will reward you with a great return on your investment. Your home isn’t the stock market and you shouldn’t view it as a way to get rich, but as the economy grows, real estate prices grow, too.

Embrace your independence! Choose the freedom of homeownership!

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