Tips if you’re planning to move!

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When is the best time to move?

Take all factors (jobs, schools, weather, vacation) into consideration when deciding on the best time to move. As a rule, the busiest times for professional moving companies are during the summer months, May – September. So if you are hiring a moving company, you’ll have to plan about six to eight weeks ahead.

Do you need to hire professional movers?

Moving may appear easy, but there are benefits to having someone experienced handle delicate or heavy items, pack them properly and transport them safely. Also, it may not be worth the risk of injury to attempt to haul heavy or bulky items yourself.

How do you select a moving company?

Ask your neighbors, friends, coworkers and family members if they can make recommendations. Investigate each of the movers with the Better Business Bureau.

When should you begin contacting moving companies for estimates?

Try to provide the moving company with as much notice as possible, especially if you are moving during the busy season noted above. Six weeks from the actual move date is not too early for estimators to come to your home to complete a visual survey of your belongings.

What happens when the estimator/consultant comes to your home?

Once the visual survey is completed, the estimator/consultant will calculate the weight, packing cost and any other charges related to your move. Remember that the consultant must clearly see what you are moving in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Crawl spaces, attics and closets can be deceiving, so organize your house BEFORE the consultant arrives. He or she must be able to see what is moving and needs packing. If you know of items that are out of view, point them out. If there are items you will be eliminating, point them out.

What packing supplies will you need?

Moving boxes, packing tape, trash bags, scissors, permanent markers and bubble wrap.

Can you pack and move plants?

Most moving companies will not take plants because the stress and heat of being inside the moving trailer can cause them to die.

Can you move pets?

Pets cannot be carried in the moving truck. Dogs, cats, birds, etc. should be transported in your car. If this isn’t convenient, your moving company may be able to suggest alternate ways to ship your pets safely.

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