March Madness Man Cave!

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The man cave is most commonly known as the ultimate escape from the reality of work, stress, and the mundane daily routine. Serving as a play space for adults, the typical man cave usually includes a large screen television, comfortable lounge chairs and if you’re lucky, stocked mini-fridge. But with March Madness in full swing, why limit yourself to the ordinary? Homes by DHR is on the bench and ready to custom build those striking additions to the typical man cave material items. This is the season to visualize, modernize, and customize to assure that your man cave will be a slam-dunk.

Customize – Making the man cave custom-made is important to allow it to really feel like a personal space. Whether it’s by designing a separate home brewery room to start your long lost hobby or heated floors for your sports car, own your man cave!

All-around Comfort– What game is complete without watching it from a reclining La-Z-Boy or a leather sofa? Sitting upon any lesser throne could be called a technical foul. Aside from the literal comfort, making sure that your guests feel at home is fundamental, whether it’s the Southern Comfort they’re cradling from your custom designed dark wood bar or the comfort food they have on their plates from your hidden remote-controlled mini-fridge. My man cave es su man cave.

Vibe – While this may not be the first thing to cross your mind whilst deciding on decorations for your getaway game room, the overall atmosphere of your man cave is vital to how you’re going to use it. Using it solely for sports? You may strike out if it is decorated strictly for gaming. The ambiance of the man cave is an important aspect that mustn’t be overlooked.

Electronics– And last but not least, without a doubt one of the most important additions to your hideaway is the most up to date version of technology. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, curved HD televisions, stereo home theatre system, and rest-assured, no one is ever too old for the newest gaming system. With all of the new technology, there is no better way to show it off, and keep it protected, than custom built shelving, sound proofed walls, or even tiered theatre seating.

Whether the man cave becomes a place of solitude or an entertainment haven, may it be somewhere you feel truly at home. (And may you have the winning bracket this March.) Viva la Man cave!

Homes by DHR is a new home builder in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, OK. Contact or call 405-888-5430 for more information. 


Donny DeMarie

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